SUU Campus Safety

Campus Safety Update on January 25, 2023

Southern Utah University continues to work with law enforcement. The information the University shared in the January 2nd notification remains relevant. If the University learns of a change that increases the risk to the University community, updates will be made through our standard campus safety procedures, including updates to this safety page. Safety remains the top priority.

Campus Safety Update on January 2, 2023:

Dear Campus Community,

We are following up on the emergency notification that was sent out on December 30th. Safety remains the top priority, and we want to make campus aware of the developing situation. Since the 30th, the University has received credible information that indicates Steven Baggs is no longer in the United States.

The University is actively working with law enforcement, and we will continue to communicate with campus as we learn more. We are increasing law enforcement presence and patrols on campus. All buildings will continue to be monitored and locked nightly. As a general reminder please be mindful of the following -

If you have any relevant information, please share it with the police as soon as possible. You can call, text or email SUU Police at  or 435-586-1911 or text "PD" + message to "32483". To contact the Cedar City Police Department call 435-586-2955 or 911.

Campus will reopen after the holiday break on Tuesday, January 3rd, and we will start classes on-campus Monday, January 9th as planned. We are grateful for the support of the community and the ongoing work of law enforcement. Thank you for your patience and understanding during this time. We will continue to assess and monitor the situation, as well as communicate and provide updates as they are available.

Thank you for being diligent and working together to keep campus safe.

Mindy Benson

Emergency Notification issued on December 30, 2022:

Steven Baggs

Iron County has issued an arrest warrant for Steven Baggs, a lecturer who previously taught in the art department. The recent warrant relates to conduct involving verbal threats towards the campus community at a time when there was reason to believe that Mr. Baggs was in Oregon. Hawaii is his last location known to the University.

If you have communicated with him within the last few days or have reason to believe he is in the Cedar City area, please contact City or University Police as soon as possible. Avoid any interaction with him.

The University has and continues to work with law enforcement authorities. Safety of the campus community remains the top priority.

University Police  or 435-586-1911

Cedar City Police - 435-586-2955 or 911

Southern Utah University is committed to the safety and well-being of our students, faculty, staff, and visitors. We strongly believe that all forms of violence, discrimination, and harassment have no place on our campus. We encourage anyone who has experienced, witnessed, or become aware of any safety concerns to immediately report such behaviors to the proper offices and authorities.

If you are in immediate and imminent danger,  dial 911.